Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Tribute!

Thanksgiving weekend is usually a busy weekend for anyone.  For My family it is especially busy as There are numerous Birthdays...My Father, Brother & Cousins.....There are numerous Wedding Anniversaries...........My Uncle Randy and Aunt Leslie (30y) & 
My Uncle Blair and Aunt Michelle (29y) and then the sad events of loved ones passing....my Uncle Daniel and my Grandfather Lawrence Nielsen.  

This is a short Tribute to my Grandpa!  Yesterday we were talking with my Aunt and reminiscing a bit.  My Grandfather was a very strong, opinionated, and hardworking. There are so many memories of him that bring laughter and smiles and many that bring solace. Only a certain few would have gotten to witness his sense of humour.  This is something that I found endearing. I often recall that he would tease my Grandmother sometimes so poorly timed.  My Grandmother would get mad and my Grandfather would have this grin on his face and walk away. 
Another trait that I hold him as and example is that anyone could ask him for help and he would never say no. In fact he offered help often before being asked.  He never apologized for being himself yet did everything he could to make up for the mistakes he thought were his. 
I know he was a sensitive man that withheld his emotion to be the strength of his family in the end!


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