Thursday, February 2, 2017

Crowdsourcing | the latest tech trend

CROWDSOURCING | the latest tech trend

It’s crazy to think how much technology has changed the way we interact with our weddings. As a Professional Photographer it has completely changed the way I photography and create Art. Literally from Film to Digital!  Advancements in technology and user-friendly Social Media have made wedding photography more accessible than ever.  

Anyone that has a smartphone is always snapping a photo here and a moment there.  Why not, as the bride and groom, have these images of your wedding for your very own to compliment the Professional Photography. This is why I offer Crowd Sourcing for my Clients, to be able to see so much more of their Wedding Day with multiple photographic perspectives. 

Your Friends and Family can contribute to your day, with this personal gift to you, through Social Media and Email.  We will ensure that this is simple and flawlessly done…...and better yet, Project your Crowd Sourced Wedding at your Reception in Real Time!!

We take care of everything...setting up the necessary hashtags, twitter and instagram and even a dedicated email where your guests can upload their photos of your event.   We even provide detailed information for your guests on how to share their photos which includes :

1) suggestions for text for your event website or to be included in Invitation cards to help your guests prepare prior to the event.

2) Subtle message ( printouts, table toppers)

This can happen during or even After the event.  You get all the images in one central place, for you to share with others or to keep as memorysakes.  

We can even project the images as they are being uploaded by your guests in real time for other guests to enjoy.  Including Tweets.  Consider this happening not only at your Wedding but Birthday Parties, Stampede Breakfasts, Bar Mitzvah’s,  your Family Reunion or Graduation. This can become the icing on the cake at any event you are planning.  

There are so many ways that we leverage technology to engage your guests at your event.  Needless to say that at we have an award winning technology innovation team dedicated to bring the best of technology innovation to


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