Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reduce, Recycle and Renew

I had always heard that to travel to India you would either "Love it" or "Hate it" but most importantly it would change the way that you would view your own life.  It is difficult to describe what I viewed but I have attempted to some of my posts.

One thing I noticed was the recycling efforts.....we have the recycling bins and collection by truck...they have collection by bicycle or rickshaw and truck.  Someone picks up cardboard another collects paper and another plastics.  Garbage when collected is carefully sorted into recycling piles.
Not only recycling occurs here but more importantly, something that our north american lifestyle is in desperate need of implementing, if we are to reduce the amount of waste each year.
I became extremely aware of our over consuming society while there.
This is the difference......
when something breaks they do not toss it and buy a new one....

They get if fixed!

We have turned into such a throw away society that even the repair services are disappearing or becoming outrageously expensive so that purchasing a new one is cheaper.

I am far from perfect at this but I am trying to do my part. Please help our world for our children by mending a sock, fixing your microwave or donating to someone that would use it before just tossing it into the pile of trash accumulated each year in our country. Which looks so beautiful on the surface, but is built on that very same pile!
The following are examples of the 2R's

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