Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Personal Project | Irish Eyes are Smiling...A Self Portrait!

Day 8:

International Womans Day!  What would represent every role in my life........Shoes of course!  
A  few of the Roles......
A Wife(the white sandles I wore when I married my amazing husband)
A Mother(the black flats with flowers on the toes that I wear to take Veer to school)
A Daughter(the delicately beaded, hand made black leather Jutti's my Mother in Law helped me select)
A Friend (the camel fur lined boots worn on cold afternoons at the playground with Max's Mommy)
A Gemini(the Red shoes are my Sassy Creative twin & the Nike's my athletic schedule driven twin)
A Fashionista(the Ralph Lauren Mary Jane's that I love)
A Photographer(the Black suede, flat heeled boots, that I have loved and worked in on so many days!)

This really is only the beginning of my many shoes! What do you wear? What do they represent?  To walk in any woman's shoes for a day would give us a greater respect for each other!


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