Sunday, March 6, 2011

Personal Project | Irish Eyes are Smiling...A Self Portrait!

Day 6:

Lego had become a large part of our household this winter since it has been so long and so cold!  Typically it is a day of building race cars and houses.......instead the last 2 days has been building Calgary!
Veer has been so excited asking....."Can I play with Calgary now?" 
Mommy......."No, not yet, I am still building it.  that was all day yesterday and this morning. Then it was this.....
Veer....."Can I play with Calgary now?"
Mommy....." No, not yet, I want to photograph it first."  
Veer....."Now can I play with Calgary...Pleeaaasse?"
Mommy "Not yet,  I will let you know when you can"   
Veer...."Mommy have you pictured Calgary yet?"  
Mommy........"Not yet,  what did I just tell you?"

This went on for a couple hours. 

This is our Home.....Calgary!
Tomorrow he will get to play with it!  He so badly wants to demolish it!
(our Home is the Yellow building on the far right of the photo)