Thursday, March 3, 2011

Personal Project | Irish Eyes are Smiling...A Self Portrait!

Day 3:   The humor that Brightens my days!

I had a completely different Idea for Day 3 when my Husband announced for the second night in a row that he was planning on trying to fool our son by sleeping in an unusual location.

Let me back up a little.

For the longest time Veer has had 3 habits.  First...he is a thumb sucker,  Second.....he insists on rubbing our lips while he sucks his thumb in his sleep.  I have stopped it when it comes to myself but sadly my Husband has "Daddy" is attacked every night at some point.  Thirdly .......Jumping on "Daddy" in the morning at any point between 3-6ish followed by snuggling, thumbsucking, hair tugging & lip rubbing.
So now to fooling Veer.  Last night Ron lay on the floor to sort out a back issue and decided that he would sleep there in the hopes that Veer would not be able to find him in his stumbling sleepwalk that he does every morning and jump on him.  Instead, Veer decided to join me in bed and when "Daddy" was not there he walk out to the living room and with no hesitation took a flying leap.

Tonight  Ron Announces, yet once more, that now he is on a mission see if Veer's Habit can be broken.  The hiding spot....Under the Dinning Table! 
Through tears of laughter I realize that my husband is very serious as he is crawling beneath with a blanket and pillow in tow, then asking if I will tuck the chairs in tightly to better disguise himself from our son!  Just another amazing day in my life!

Enough of the preamble here is the evidence!



  1. I love it! Seriously, you have made me laugh.

  2. This is hillarious!!! Way too funny. Did he get away with it?