Sunday, March 13, 2011

Personal Project | Irish Eyes are Smiling...A Self Portrait!

Day 13:

I love my stroller!
Outings with Veer can be Happy or Strained! He had been to the Auto Show earlier this morning and had a bit of a crazy time running way from his Daddy!
I sometimes forget & I overestimate Veer's maturity. A typical 3 year old! all he wanted to do was run! I should have sent the stroller with them, instead I thought that Veer would be able to listen to Randeep give instructions. When I picked them up the question was...." Veer, did you have fun?" the response was a silent shake of his head while sucking his thumb. I questioned my husband "did you have fun?"

"No, Veer wouldn't even let me go see all of the really good cars! All he wanted to do was to see the KIA's and Hyundai's. The whole time it was veer saying "I can do it, I can open the door by myself, I want to see that one" "

I did laugh a little.
So when I was offered up to take Veer back to the Auto Show I did! But I took the stoller!


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