Thursday, April 10, 2008

My First Teeth came as a Pair

We could not believe our eyes when we saw Veer's bottom 2 front teeth had cut through. Both on the same day. Poor baby, no wonder he needed extra cuddling the 2 days before. This was Saturday April 5th. They are the cutest but sharpest little things. He has decided to do nearly everything at once.....crawl, sit, get teeth, climb. We will post a photo as soon as we are able to get one of his teeth.

My 6 Month Birthday!!!

I can't believe that Veer is 6 months old. He has been trying so hard to crawl up to March 28th. See his little red knees. This is his party. Uncle Andrew gave him his first Calgary Flames Jersey. He loves it!!! We ate the cupcakes and Veer had pureed avocado.